Lesson One: Reading

We are both fine

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1.  I'm fine. My older brother is also fine. We are both fine.
2.  Are you busy? I'm not busy. How about you?
3.  I'm not busy, either. My older brother, my younger brother are very busy.
    How about your older brother? Is your older brother OK?
4.  My older brother is OK. He is not busy. Are your older brother, and younger
    brother busy?
5.  Not all of them are very busy. My older brothers are very busy. My younger
    brother is not busy.
6.  My older brother, my younger brother, and I, none of us are busy.
7.  Very good. Not busy is very good. Busy is not good.
8.  Good older brothers are not busy. Busy older brothers are not good.

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