Lesson Eight: Dialogue

Have Some Tea, Please

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Aisa Languages
   Shihai: Hello, Teacher Wang.
   Wang: Hello, Shihai.
   Shihai: Teacher Wang, this is my friend--Jingjing.
   Jingjing: Hello, Teacher Wang.
   Wang: Hello, hello. Welcome, welcome. Come in, please. 
   Please have a seat.
   Shihai/Jingjing: Thanks.
   Wang: You are welcome.  You don’t smoke, I suppose?
   Shihai: Neither of us do.
   Wang: Do you drink coffee?
   Jingjing: I don’t drink coffee. I drink tea.
   Wang: Shihai, what do you drink?
   Shihai: I drink both tea and coffee.
   Wang: So, let’s all have tea.
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