Lesson Nine: Dialogue

What Is Your Family Name?

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Aisa Languages
A: Hi, I’m David. May I ask, what is your family name? And what is your first name?
B: My family name is Wang, and my first name is Shihai. How are you?
A: You are Chinese, I suppose?
B: I’m Chinese American, and you?
A: I’m American. I am learning Chinese. My Chinese name is Dawei: Da as in“hen da”
   (very big), and Wei as in“ Wei shenme”(why).
B: My given name is Shihai: Shi as in“shijie”(the world), Hai as in“Shanghai” 
   (Shanghai). I’m learning Computer, and studying Chinese.
A: Who is your Chinese teacher?
B: My teacher’s family name is Wang. What is your teacher’s family name?
A: Her family name is Xie. We all call her Teacher Xie.
B: Is Teacher Xie good?
A: Yes. How about Teacher Wang?
B: He is very good, too. 
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