Lesson Eleven: Dialogue

May I Use Your Phone for a While?

Reading | Vocabulary | Grammar | Speech Pattern | Exercise

A: Haiying, do you live here? B: Yes. I live in Rm 322. How about you? Do you also live in the student dorm? A: Yes. B: What room do you live in? A: I live on the 6th floor, room 632. B: Really? (That’s) wonderful. Is your room nice? A: Quiet nice, very big. Come and visit me. B: OK. A: Oh yes, Haiying, may I use your phone for a while? B: Sorry. This is not my phone. (It) is my roommate’s. She is not here right now. (I’m) really sorry. A: It’s OK. Do you know where the public phone is? B: On the 1st floor. A: I’m going to the 1st floor. Bye. B: Bye.

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