Lesson Twelve: Dialog

They Are Good Friends

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Aisa Languages

A: Whose dictionary is this? B: (It) is my dictionary. A: Lend (it) to me, OK (May I borrow it)? B: Sure. Hua Jiang, This is your pictorial. Judy asked me to return (it) to you. She said: “Thank you”. A: Not at all. By the way, Where is Judy now? B: She went to New York to see her mom today. A: What is her mom’s phone number? B: You want her mom’s number, why? A: Do you know Heather? She teaches Judy French. She will come to our place tomorrow? B: Are you serious? I don’t know Heather, but I know she is Judy’s good friend. If she comes tomorrow, Judy will be very happy. A: Can you give me her mom’s number? B: Ok, OK….her mom’s number is 212-857-0345. A: 212-857-0345. Thanks. B: You are welcome.

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