Lesson Twelve: Reading

Judy Likes Reading
Chinese Magazines

Dialogue | Vocabulary | Grammar | Speech Pattern | Exercise

Judy is an American, she is learning Chinese at the Language Foreign Institute. Judy and Jiang Hua are good friends. Jiang Hua is Chinese. There are a lot of good Chinese magazines and books in her home. Judy likes reading Chinese magazines. She doesn’t like reading Chinese books. She often goes to Jiang Hua’s house to read Chinese magazines. There are many pretty illustrations in the Chinese magazines. She likes looking at the illustration. She also likes reading the Chinese characters. Some Chinese characters, she knows, some Chinese characters, she doesn’t know. If she runs into Chinese characters that she doesn’t know, Judy looks them up in the dictionary. Now Judy has learned a lot of new Chinese words. Jiang Hua lends Judy many good Chinese magazines. Judy likes news magazines and she also likes magazines about people. From magazines Judy learned a lot of things about China. She knows China is a big country. China has Beijing and Shanghai. China also has the Yangtz River and the Yellow River. Judy tells her dad and mom a lot of things of China. They are also very interested in China. They plan to come to China to travel next year. Judy tells Jiang Hua that she has another Chinese teacher—The Chinese magazines are her new Chinese teacher.

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