Lesson Thirteen: Dialogue

Do You Know Him?

Reading | Vocabulary | Grammar | Speech Pattern | Exercise

A: Look! Is that a Chinese person? B: No.He is Korean. A: Do you know him? B: Yes. We are neighbors. He lives in student dorm No.15 on the 3rd floor. I live in No.17 on the 3rd floor. A: What is his name? B: His name is Tony. He also studies Chinese. A: He is cool. Introduce us to each, will you? B: Sure. Hi, Tony, Please come here. Tony: What’s up? B: Let me introduce you: This is Jean, my classmate; This is Tony, my friend. A: Hi. Tony: Nice to meet you. B: Tony, where are going? Tony: I’m going to the bookstore to buy books. A: We are also going the bookstore to buy pens and paper. Let’s go together. Look, is that a campus bus? B: Yes. Let’s go by bus.

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