Lesson Fourteen: Dialogue

Do you have sisters?

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A: Do you have sisters? B: I have elder sisters. I do not have younger sisters. A: How many elder sisters do you have? B: I have one older sister. A: What does she do? B: She works at a bank. She is a bank clerk. A: Is your sister married? B: Yes. Her husband also works at a bank. He is a manager at the bank. A: Do your sister and her husband have children? B: Yes. The have two kids: a boy and a girl. A: Do you often visit your sister at her home? B: No. I miss them a lot, and often write to my sister. I told her: I have a good friend (who is) named Judy, and a American. My sister sends you her best regards. A: Thanks. Please also remember me to her and her family.

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