Lesson Sixteen: Dialogue

That Pair of Pants
Is Not Mine

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The “de” Structure A: Look! That is the East Asian Library. B: How beautiful! Is it a new building? A: Yes. Lets go and have a look, Ok? B: Ok. Are we Going right now? A: Yes, right now. B: Wait a minute. I’d like to change pants. A: Isn’t this one alright? B: This one is too small. Not comfortable to wear. A: Uncomfortable? How about that one? B: Which one? Oh, This pair is not mine. (It) is my roommate’s. A: There are two pairs over there. Are these two yours? B: They aren’t mine, either. Mine are all here. Look... Between these two pairs, which one is better? A: The blue one is better. I like blue pants, (I) don’t like green pants. B: I don’t like the green pants, either.

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