Lesson Seventeen: Dialogue

What Time Is It ?

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   A:  Hi, Teacher Gu.
   B:  Hi, Ding. Where are you going?
   A:  I’m going to the cinema.
   B:  To see a movie, right?
   A:  Yes.
   B:  What movie?
   A:  “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman”.  A Taiwan movie, brand new.
   B:  Oh, I heard that this is a very interesting movie. Are you going by yourself?
   A:  I’m going together with my boyfriend. He is waiting for me at the library.
   B:  What time is the movie?
   A:  Four thirty.
   B:  Three forty-five. Are you taking a bus?
   A:  No, we’ll drive there.
   B:  Hurry up.
   A:  See you, Teacher Gu.
   B:  See you.

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