Lesson Nineteen: Dialogue

Do You Want Black Tea or Green Tea?

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    A:     Morning, may I help you (What do you want)?
    Ding:  Can we have a pot of tea (We want a pot of tea)?
    A:     What kind of tea? Black tea or Green tea?
    Ding:  Do you have jasmine tea?
    A:     Yes.
    Ding:  We will have a pot of it.
    Xie:   Miss, do you have Coca-Cola?
    A:     Sorry, we only have Pepsi? Is Pepsi OK?
    Xie:   OK. Let me have a glass.
    A:     Large or small?
    Xie:   A large one. I’m quite thirsty.
    A:     OK. You want a pot of jasmine tea, and a Pepsi. What else?
    Ding:  That’s it. We will order the main dishes later. OK?
    A:     Sure.
    Ding:  Thank you.
    A:	     You are welcome.

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