Lesson Twenty Two: Dialogue
The Student Center is Right Across From my Dorm

Shihai: Hi, David. David: Hi. Where are you going? Shihai: I'm going to the student center. Do you know how to get there? It is across from the library, right? David: Not exactly. Do you know where the dorm I moved into recently is? Shihai: No. David: You know where the library is, right? Shihai: Right. David: To the left of the library is dining hall; to the left of the dining hall is my dorm. The student center is right across from my dorm. I'm now going back to my dorm. Let's walk together. Shihai: What? You are going back to your dorm? If I knew we were going in the same way, I would not have asked you for directions. David: Who told you not to ask where I'm going?…oh, yes, why(to do what) do you go to the student center? Shihai: Renmei said that there is an exhibit there. I'm going there to take a look. David: I heard that the exhibit is quite nice. Shihai: (Let's) go together, OK? David: No. I don't have time today. By the way, (after you) get out from the student center, how about coming to my place for a visit? Shihai: Didn't you say you don't have time? David: For you, I always have time. Shihai: OK. See you later. David: Bye.


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