Lesson Twenty Three: Dialogue
She is Cleaning her room

Shihai: Hello, is this Renmei Ding’s dorm room? Xueyou: Yes. Who are you looking for? Shihai: Can I speak to Ding (I’m looking for Ding). Is she in? Please ask her to (come to) the phone. Xueyou: May I ask whom I’m speaking to (May I ask who is this?) Shihai: This is Shihai speaking (I’m Shihai). Xueyou: Hi, Shihai. This is Xueyou. Ding is cleaning her room. Just a minute please (please wait a minute). Let me go and ask her to (come to) the phone (let me go and ask her to listen to the phone). Shihai: Thank you. Renmei: Hello, Shihai, How are you? How come you have time today to call me? Where are you now? Shihai: I’m in the students’ center. Renmei: Are (you) taking a break there? Shihai: No. I’m writing a report on China. I want to ask you some questions, OK? Renmei: No problem. But I’m cleaning my room now, (and I) won’t have time until later. Shihai: That’s alright. Later, will you come here or should I go over to your place? Renmei: The students’ center is too noisy. Come to my place, OK? Shihai: Are there any Chinese maps there at your place? Renmei: No. Why, you want to use the map of China? Shihai: Yes. Let’s go to the library. How is that? Renmei: Fine. (We’ll go to) the East Asian Library, right? Shihai: Right. I’ll wait for you at the table next to the copy machine. Renmei: Fine. It’s 10:20 now. We’ll meet at 11:00 at the library. Shihai: See you.


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