Lesson Twenty Four: Dialogue
Take Some Dimsum Mom Makes

Renmei: Xueyou, what’s your plan for this weekend (what do you plan to do this weekend)? Xueyou: Shihai and those guys want to go fishing in the suburbs. How is that we join them (we go with them) ? Renmei: This week we are all very busy. (We) have class in the morning; work in the afternoon; in the evening if (we) are not reviewing, then (we) are previewing. Every night we don’t go to bed until twelve. It would be a nice change that we go out this weekend to unwind. Which day are we doing? Xueyou: (We’ll) go Sunday. Renmei: Why Sunday? Isn’t Saturday good? Xueyou: Saturday Shihai and I will volunteer in the hospital. Did you forget about it? Renmei: How come I forgot such an important matter?! (I’m) really embarrassed. How are we going? Are we driving or taking a train. Xueyou: I’d like to take a train ( I say (we) take a train), but Shihai said it’s convenient to drive. If he wants to drive, then (we) drive. Anyway, (It’s) same. Renmei: Whose car are we going to drive. Xueyou: Drive Shihai’s. His is bigger. Renmei: Then, I’m now going to store to do some shopping (to buy some things) Xueyou: What’s the hurry? Renmei: Go to suburbs, we got to bring something to eat, right? Xueyou: Take some dimsum Mom makes. I like to eat dimsum my mom makes. I know Shihai likes it, too. Renmei: Is it OK just to take some dimsum? Xueyou: I think it’s fine. Just a minute ( you sit for a while). I’m going to call Shihai, (and) ask him whether (we) shall prepare something to eat. Renmei: Call (him) later. When I came here, I bumped into him on the way. He said he went to the gyms to work out. I think he is still there weight-lifting. Xueyou: Then, (I’ll) call later….yes, I was working on my Chinese homework when you got here. The grammar for this week is very difficult. I have a few questions. Could you help to take a look? Renmei: No problem.


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