Lesson Twenty Five: Dialogue
I didn’t expect that you swim so well

Xueyou: Dawei, (I) did not expect that you swim so well. Renmei: His dad is the swimming coach of the university. “The master of fame will produce excellent disciple”, which is not unusual. Dawei: How come not unusual?! Dad is dad, (and) son is son. Xueyou: Isn’t your dad a coach? Dawei: My dad is the coach of the university team, (but) our family coach is my mom. Mom is very strict, (and her) teaching is also very earnest (she teaches very earnestly), so, the kids in my family are all skilled swimers. Renmei: Really, Next time when I bump into your mom, (I) will definitely ask her for advice. Dawei: You are a good swimmer (you swim not bad). Renmei: Thank you. Xueyou: She swims too slow. Dawei: Really? I will take a look. Renmei: That’s right. I teach you Chinese, (and) you got to teach me swimming. Xueyou: Dawei, tell you the truth, recently, your Chinese is quite fluent (you speak Chinese fluently). Dawei: “The master of fame will produce excellent disciple”. Renmei is a good teacher (Renmei teaches well). Renmei: Thanks, (and) you are a hard-working students (you study diligently); (you) get up so early everyday, (and) go to bed so late; all days long if you’re not memorizing the new vocabularies, (you) are listening to the tapes. No wonder you are making a great progress ( you progress fast). Yes, are you hungry? There is something to eat here. Look, cheese, ham, bread; whatever you want, it is here. Dawei What is this? Xueyou: This is the Chinese dimsum my mom made. Dawei: Dilicious. Xueyou: Have some more, (if) you like it. Dawei: Thanks, I’ve had a lot. I want to have some water. Xueyou: The water is in the car. Can you go and get it? Bring me a bottle of mineral water, OK? Dawei: OK. Where did you park your car ? Xueyou: By the river which is in the front.


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