Lesson Twenty Six: Dialogue
Let's take a break

Dawei: Ding, take a break.
Ding: But, I still don’t know how to do the butterfly.
Dawei: (We) will talk about (it) in the future.
Ding: OK. What time is it now?
Dawei: Four fifteen. We should leave now.
Ding: I’ll go to change (the clothes). Yes, can you give me a ride to the language lab?
Dawei: Sure. I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.
Ding: In which parking lot did you park your car? Is the one to the right of the gym?
Dawei: No. Is the one on the left of the gym.
Ding: Isn’t that a parking lot for teachers’? How come your car can park there?
Dawei: You forgot that its is Wednesday today. On Wednesday afternoon the students’ cars
Can also park there.
Ding: Ha, I understand now. OK, We’ll meet later.


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