Lesson Twenty Seven: Dialogue
Has the Party for the Spring Festival Started?

Ding: Teacher Gu, Has get-together party started yet? Gu: Not yet. The party won’t start until seven thirty. There are more than ten minutes to go. Do you want some drinks? Ding: I want some orange juice. Thanks. Teacher Gu, Are there many people coming to the party today? Gu: There are quite a large number of people who came. Some have already gone upstairs. Let’s go up, too. Ding: Teacher Gu, You go up first. I’ll wait for my parents here. Tonight they will come to attend our department’s party for the Spring festival. GU: Really? That’s great. When your parents arrive, please do introduce us. Ding: Sure. ( Ten Minutes Later ) Ding: Teacher Gu, let me introduce: this is my Dad, and this is my Mom. Mom, Dad, this is teacher Gu from the East Asian Library. She teaches us calligraphy too. Mom/Dad: Glad to meet you. Gu: Welcome, Welcome. Ding: Teacher Gu, my parents went to China last August. Gu: Really? What places have you visited? Dad: We have been to quite a few places. Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, (we) have visited. China is beautiful. Gu: Do you want to go again? Mom: Oh, yes. Ding: Xueyou and I plan to go to Beijing this summer vocation. My parents said they would go together with us. Gu: Will (you) go this summer vocation? Ding: Right, (We) will go this summer vocation. But, it’s seven thirty now. We have to go to attend the get-together first. Gu: Yes. Everybody, please.


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