Lesson Twenty Eight: Dialogue
I applied for visa to China

Shihai: Ding, yesterday morning I called you, and you were not here. Where were you? Renmei: I went to the Chinese Consulate in New York to apply for visas. (I) was busy the whole day. Shihai: Isn’t the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.? How come you went to New York? Renmei: The one in D.C. is the Embassy; the one in New York is the Consulate. You can apply a visa in the Consulate, and you can also apply a visa in the embassy. Shihai: Now I understand it. So, how many Chinese embassies and how many consulates are there in the United States? Renmei: I know there is only one embassy, and ( it ) is in D.C.. As far as consulates, there is one in New York, one in California, and there is another one in Texas. I don’t know whether there are any others in others places. Shihai: Then, where to apply for a visa if ( one wants to) go to Taiwan? Renmei: To go to Taiwan, ( one ) needs to apply the visa in Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Office in the Unites States. I know that there is such an office in both D.C. and New York. Shihai: I plan to visit Taiwan next year. Renmei: Really? Have you had your passport ready yet? Shihai: I’m in the process of applying. Oh, yes, yesterday I called you because I wanted to invite you and Xueyou to a ball game. Renmei: What kind of game? Shihai: Football game. Renmei: American football or European football? Shihai: Of course European football. I and you and Xueyou, we have been friends for many years. How can I not know what you guys like and what you guys don’t like? You were not home. I had no choice but to invite David and other guys. Renmei: Who played with whom? And who won? Shihai: New Jersey team played with Texas team. One to one tied. No (one) lost and (no) one won either. Renmei: A tied game (no win no lose), no fun. Shihai: Who says it’s no fun.


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