Lesson Twenty Nine: Dialogue
The Plane Is about to Take off

(At the Airport) Xueyou: Ding, look, David and Shihai are also here. Ding: David, Shihai, (you are) so busy. How come you guys have time to come? David: You are leaving for China soon. (You) will be gone for a year. It won’t be nice (if) we don’t come to say good-bye. Ding: Thank you. Shihai: Ding, the plane is going to take off. You are leaving for China. How do you feel? Ding: I feel both excited and sad. David: (Being) excited, I can understand, but, what are you sad about? Ding: We are about to part. I really don’t want to leave you guys. David: Don’t be sad. Next year we will go to China, too. Xueyou: When do you plan to go to China? We will definitely go and pick you up at the airport. David: I will go either next summer or autumn. Shihai has not made up his mind yet. Ding: Shihai, why? Shihai: This summer I have an opportunity to intern at the World Bank. I want to go to China, and I also want to intern in DC. That’s why I can’t make up my mind. Ding: Write to tell us when you make the decision. OK? Shihai: OK. David: The plane is about to take off. Get ready for the boarding. Shihai: Xueyou, Ding, wish you healthy and study well! Bon voyage! Xueyou, Ding: Thank you. Bye.


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