Lesson Thirty: Dialogue
What would you like to do this summer vacation?

Shihai: Do you know how long the flight is from here to Beijing? Dawei: Beijing is far from here, it is probably more than ten hours. Shihai: Xiao Ding and Xueyou will arrive in Beijing tonight. Dawei: Yes. Shihai: They both want to study in China. I think they must be very happy right now. Dawei: I am envious. Next year I would like to have a chance to visit China. Shihai: China has a long history. I heard of many tourist attractions in China. But "ba3i we2n bu4 ru2 yi1 jia4n"(hearing about it is nothing compared to seeing it). Dawei: "ba3i we4n bu4 ru2 yi1 jia4n" is a chinese idiom? Shihai: Yes. The meaning is "seeing is believing". Dawei: I see. Dawei: Shihai, what would you like to do this summer vacation? Shihai: First I will go back home to see my parents, and see what is happening then. How about you? Dawei: I have registered for two courses. So I will be in class at school. Shihai: What are you studying? Dawei: One is a psychology course, the other one is a Chinese history course. I am very interested in Chinese History, but I don't know much about it. So I want to take advantage of the summer to learn something more about Chinese history. Shihai: China has a long and rich history. It is not easy to study. Dawei: I know. That is precisely what attracts me. Shihai: It is said people who study histroy will become smarter. What do you think ? Dawei: I also think that. Learning history not only lets us know what was going on in the past, but also helps guide us in the future. That is what is meant by the idiom " Gu3 we2i ji1n yo4ng"(make the past serve the present). I hope I become little smarter by studying Chinese history. Shihai: You will. Dawei: You are already quite a smart guy. So you do not need to study Chinese History. Shihai: Not at all. Don't joke about me!


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