Lesson Thirty One: Dialogue
We took a seventeen hour flight

(In the CAAC's flight, to the left of Ding Renmei is her boyfriend Xie Xueyou, to her right is a young man about thirty years old. This young man looks Chinese. He nods at Xiaoding and her boyfriend politely. ) The young man: Hi! Xiaoding: Hello. May I ask, are you Chinese? The young man: Yes. (I) didn't expect that you can speak Chinese. Your Chinese pronunciation is very standard. Xiaoding: No, not at all. The young man: For how long have you studied Chinese? Xiaoding: I have studied Chinese for two years in my university. (I) don't speak well. So, this time, I am going to Beijing University to attend a short-term language training program with my boyfriend. The young man: That's great. Beijing University just happens to be my alma mater. Before I came to the U.S., I studied in the Computer Science Department at Beijing University for four years. Xueyou: How long have you been in the U.S.? The young man: For over six years. Now I am working in an American company. This time I am going back to China on a business trip. I can also take the opportunity to see my parents and friends. Xueyou: Do you often go back to China? The young man: No. This is my first time to go back to China. Xiaoding: Then, your mom and dad must be very happy. The young man: Right. They will both come to the airport to pick me up. Is there anyone to pick you up? Xueyou: Yes. Teacher Liu from the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing University will pick us up. The young man: That's good. (We) have a few more minutes before we arrive in Beijing. I hope everything goes well for your stay in Beijing! Xiaoding, Xueyou: Thank you. (We) also wish everything goes well for you! (At the exit of the Beijing International Airport, Xiaoding and Xueyou met Teacher Liu from the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing University.) Xiaoding: Are you Teacher Liu from the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing University? Teacher Liu: Right. You must be Ding Renmei and Xie Xueyou. Xueyou, Xiaoding: Yes. Hello, Teacher Liu! Teacher Liu: Hello. Welcome to Beijing! You must have had a tiring journey! From New York to Beijing, how long were you on the plane (how long was the flight)? Xiaoding: We took a seventeen hour flight (on the plane for seventeen hours). Teacher Liu: O.K. Let's get in the car. You can take a good rest as soon as you arrive at school.


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