Lesson Thirty Three: Dialogue
It has started raining outside

(One day, Renmei went to Teacher Lin, their conversation class teacher's place to chat. Teacher Lin is very young. He has not yet married. So he lives in the single faculty and staff's dormitory of Beijing University. ) (Renmei knocks, Teacher Lin opens the door.) Teacher Lin: Oh, it's Renmei. Welcome, welcome. Renmei: Thank you, Teacher Lin. Teacher Lin: What's happening? Xueyou is not coming? Renmei: Xueyou is waiting for his mom and dad's phone call in his dorm. He said that he is coming after the call. Teacher Lin: Good. Renmei, please sit down. Don't be too polite (make yourself at home). What would you like to drink, tea, coffee, or soft drinks? Renmei: I would like to drink tea. Xueyou also likes to drink tea very much. Teacher Lin: Does he? I also love to drink tea. I have Fujian Tieguanyin, Hangzhou Longjing and Anhui Maojian. Which one would you like to drink? Renmei: Longjing is very good. In the states, Teacher Wang who taught us Chinese often invited me and Xueyou to drink Longjing tea. (Xueyou knocks at the door.) Renmei: Listen, someone is knocking at the door. Probably it is Xueyou. Teacher Lin: I'll go and open the door. (Teacher Lin opened the door.) It is Xueyou. Come in, please. What's happening? You are wet. Xueyou: Thanks, Teacher Lin. It has started raining outside. I didn't bring my umbrella with me. Fortunately, it is not raining hard. Teacher Lin: That's good. Xueyou, have a cup of Longjing tea. Xueyou: Thanks. I like to drink Longjing tea the most. Teacher Lin: Have you received the phone call from your mom and dad? Xueyou: Yes. They asked me on the phone, what was the weather like in Beijing? Was it hot? Did it rain? I told them that it has been kind of hot these days, and it has not rained. But, no, it has started raining now. Teacher Lin: In recent years, the summer in Beijing is getting hotter and hotter. If it rains in summer, it will become much cooler. Renmei: How is the spring in Beijing? Teacher Lin: Beijing's spring is very windy, and it doesn't rain very often. The spring in the south of China is the most beautiful. From ancient times to now, scholars and writers have written many poems for the spring rain and spring flower in the south of China. Xueyou: Could you read a poem for us? Teacher Lin: O.K. Let me read you a classical poem. It is "Spring Dawn" by Meng Haoran, a poet in the Tang Dynasty. Dawn arrives unnoticed after a spring sleep. Chirping birds are heard all around. The sound of wind and rain had come in the night. How many flowers had fallen in their wake! Renmei: This poem is very well written. Teacher Lin, could you explain the poem for us? Teacher Lin: Sure. (Teacher Lin explained the poem to Xueyou and Renmei.) Xueyou: Chinese classical poems are very beautiful. Teacher Lin, please introduce another poem to us. Renmei: It is getting late. Xueyou, Teacher Lin needs to take a rest. Xueyou: Yes. We should leave. Teacher Lin, we will ask you to introduce Chinese classical poems to us next time. Teacher Lin: No problem. (You) wait a moment. Let me see if the rain has stopped or not. (Teacher Lin went to the window to have a look.) Very good. The rain stopped. Xueyou, Renmei: Then we are leaving. Thank you, Teacher Lin! Bye! Teacher Lin: Bye! Please come and visit (my place) often!


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