Lesson Thirty Four: Dialogue
Going to the post office to mail pictures

Xueyou: Excuse me, is Renmei in? Renmei's roomate: Yes, please come in, she is waiting for you. Xueyou: Thank you. Renmei: Xueyou, come on in and look at these pictures, I want to mail some to my parents and friends. Xueyou: Wow, so many pictures, I want to look at them carefully. Renmei: Yea, some of these pictures were taken in Beijing University, some of them in parks. I want to choose some good ones and mail (the pictures to) them, to let them know more about Beijing. Xueyou: That's a good idea. I should mail some pictures to my parents and friends too. Renmei: Xueyou, look, this one is Fragrant Hill. A full hill of red leaves, so beautiful. This one is at the entrance to Beijing University. You were holding a map of Beijing that you just bought. Xueyou: Now I still carry the map with me, in order not to get lost. Renmei: All right, let's mail these pictures. Now Let's go to the post office. (In the post office, Renmei is mailing a letter, Xueyou is buying post cards) Renmei: Hello, I want to mail a letter to the U.S. Clerk A: Please stand in the queue at Window 2. (At Window 2) Renmei: I want to send an international letter. Clerk B: You need to buy an international envelope first. Give it to me after writing down the address. Renmei: I have an envelop with me, and I have already written down the address. Clerk B: Let me take a look. Ok, no problem. Renmei: Would you tell me how long will it take to get to the U.S. ? Clerk B: By airmail it takes ten to fifteen days. If it is express mail, it will be much faster. It is about three to five days. However, it (express mail) is quite expensive. Renmei: Then I will send it by airmail. Clerk B: The postage is fifteen Yuan. Renmei: Here is fifteen Yuan. Thanks! Xueyou: Miss, I would like to buy some postcards. Clerk C: There are many kinds of postcards here. We have landscapes, persons, and animals, which do you like? Xueyou: One set each, please. I want to give them to my American friends. I hope that they will learn more about China. Clerk C: Here are three sets, thirty cards total. I think your friends will definitely like them. Xueyou: By the way, if I want to pick up a package, what should I do? Clerk C: You need to bring the package notice and your identification. Xueyou: I see. Thank you very much!


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