Lesson Thirty Five: Dialogue
Chatting with Chinese Friends

(Zhang Guahua and Wang Xiaofang are third-year students of the English Department at Beijing University. They are also boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of them know Renmei and Xueyou. One day, Guohua and Xiaofang went to Renmei's dorm to chat.) (Xiaozhang knocks at the door.) Renmei: (I'm) coming. (Renmei opened the door.) Guohua, Xiaofang, welcome, welcome. Please come in. Xueyou is also here. Xueyou: Guohua, Xiaofang, haven't seen you for a while. How is everything going? Guohua: We have been busy lately. I attended a GRE exam coaching class. Xiaofang is making use of the break and working in a foreign invested company. Renmei: What, Guohua, you want to take the GRE exam, and apply for scholarship from American universities, right? Guohua: Right. My major is British and American literature. I really hope that I can go to graduate school in the U.S. and pursue a doctorate in British and American literature. Xueyou: That's a very good idea. (If you) want to truly understand the language and the culture of a country, (you) should go to that country to study and live for a period of time. Guohua: Right. Renmei, Xueyou, is this the reason why you come to study in China? Renmei: Yes. Before we came to China, I had also taken many Chinese classes. I had conversation class, grammar class, calligraphy class, etc. My Chinese teachers all taught very well. However, the time in class was nonetheless limited. I did not have many opportunities to practice Chinese. After I came to Beijing, everyday, what I hear and what I see are all Chinese. I also have many opportunities to talk to my Chinese teachers, classmates and friends. Xueyou and I have made rapid progress in our Chinese. Xiaofang: How is your class schedule? Xueyou: Very tight. Everyday we have four hours of classes in the morning. We have to review the lessons and do homework in the afternoon and at night. Guohua: Have you had any exams? Renmei: Every week there is a quiz. Last week's quiz was very difficult. I didn't do very well. This week, I want to review my lessons well, and prepare for next week's quiz. Xiaofang: I didn't know that your study is so busy. There are many interesting places in Beijing. Have you been anywhere? Xueyou: Yes. Last Sunday we went to the Great Wall with our conversation class teacher, Teacher Lin. The Great Wall is really magnificent. A common saying goes: "If you fail to reach the Great Wall you are not a man." After we went to the Great Wall, we truly understood the meaning of this saying. In the future, if there is any opportunity, both of us want to go to the Great Wall again. Renmei: The day we went to the Great Wall, we also brought the camera with us. Teacher Lin took a lot of pictures for us. Yesterday, we went to the post office and mailed letters and pictures to our parents and friends in the U.S. Xiaofang: Have you been to the Temple of Heaven? Xueyou, Renmei: No, we haven't. Xiaofang: My home is near the Temple of Heaven. I know that there is a very good Xi'an dumpling restaurant there. This Saturday, Guohua and I would like to invite you to go to the Temple of Heaven with us. After that, we can go to the Xi'an dumpling restaurant together. Renmei: Great. I am going to bring my camera on Saturday. Let's take a lot of pictures. Xueyou: Renmei, didn't you say that you are going to review your lessons well and prepare for next week's exam? Renmei: I can review on Sunday. Guohua, Xiaofang, what would you say? Guohua, Xiaofang: Right. You study very hard on weekdays. During the weekend, you should take a good rest.


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