Lesson Thirty Six: Dialogue
Buying tea in a Beijing University store

Rénměi and Xuéyǒu go to Sānjiǎodì in Běidà to buy tealeaves. Yíngyéyuán (Salesman): What do you want to buy? Rénměi: We would like to buy some tea and a tea set. Yíngyéyuán: We have every kind of tea here, but we don’t have tea sets. Xuéyǒu: It’s alright. What kinds of tea do you have? Yíngyéyuán: Here we have Hāngzhōu Lóngjīng, Ānhuī Mǎojiān, Fújiān Tiě Guānyīn and Jasmine teas. In addition we also have the Chrystathemum tea which people from Guǎngdōng like. Which kind would you like to buy? Xuéyǒu: When I was in America, I especially liked the Lóngjīng tea which my Chinese teacher gave me. I never drank the other teas before. Can you introduce them to me? Yíngyéyuán: Sure, Lóngjīng tea, Mǎojiān and Jasmine teas are all types of Green Tea. Tiě Guānyīn is a Black tea. The taste of Black Tea is more concentrated than Green Tea. Some people say that you should drink Green Tea in the summer and Black Tea in the winter. Chrysanthemum Tea has dry Chrysanthemum leaves inside; it has a fresh and cool taste. Chinese people like to drink Chrysanthemum tea during the summer. Rénměi: You did an excellent job introducing; I would like to try each type of tea. Yíngyéyuán: Lóngjīng tea, Mǎojiān and Tiě Guānyīn are more expensive than Jasmine and Chrysanthemum teas. I suggest you first buy one or two types of tea products and try them. The next time you come again you can buy other teas. Xuéyǒu: Ok. Rénměi, I want a box of Lóngjīng Tea, what would you like? Rénměi: I would like a box of Jasmine Tea. Yíngyéyuán: A box of Lóngjīng tea is fifteen kuài and eight mǎo. Jasmine tea is not as expensive as Lóngjīng. A box costs ten kuài and five mǎo. Altogether it costs twenty-six kuài and three mǎo. Rénměi: This is thirty kuài, can you give me change? Yíngyéyuán: Thanks, You have three kuài and seven mǎo change. This is your tea leaves. You are welcome to come again next time. Xuéyǒu: While I have the chance to ask, we want to buy a tea set, which general merchandise store should we go to? Yíngyéyuán: In the vicinity of the school there is a general merchandise store. The tea sets there are relatively cheap, but the product types are not as many as Zhōngguāncún general merchandise store. You can go to Zhōngguāncún general merchandise store and look around. There are purple sand tea sets, there are also white porcelain tea sets. The prices are excellent. Rénměi and Xuéyǒu: Thank you, tomorrow we will definitely look around. Goodbye. Yíngyéyuán: Goodbye.


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