Lesson Thirty Seven: Dialogue
This qípáo is not the same as that one.

Rénměi: Xiǎofāng, I would like to buy a qípāo

Xiǎofāng: Your figure is the same as Chinese womens’ figure; it is very suitable for wearing qípāo.

Rénměi: Thank you, you’re figure is better than mine.

Xiǎofāng: There have been many alterations to the qípāo, the style is not only more traditional than most, but also more appropriate to present day atheistic ideals.

Rénměi: Can you go with me to the store?

Xiǎofāng: Ok, than we should go now.

(In the general convenience store)

Rénměi: Miss, I would like to see some qípāo.

Fùwùyuán (Clerk): We have many styles of qípāo here. Which one do you want?

Rénměi: You truly have a lot of qípāo here, more than the other store I went to.

Xiǎofāng, what do you think of the red one you are looking at?

Xiǎofāng: It looks very good, try it on.

Rénměi: It is a tad big.

Fùwùyuán: Try this one. It has the same color and style as that one in your hand, only it’s one size smaller.

Rénměi: This one is just right.

Xiǎofāng: Rénměi, look at that qípāo, the color and style suit you, that one is definitely better looking than this one.

Fùwùyuán: Is the one you were talking about this one with little blue flowers? Its style with the red one is different. Look, its collar is a little bit lower and its sleeves are shorter.

Rénměi: This size is just right for me to wear. Do yours look good?

Xiǎofāng: They look very pretty.

Fùwùyuán: This one you wear is extraordinarily pretty.

Rénměi: Thanks, I want to buy this one. May I ask how much it costs?

Fùwúyuán: 280 yuán, please go to the opposite counter to pay.

Rénměi: Thank you.

**Qípāo: Originated in the Qīng Dynasty, has already been popular for more than sixty years. It has gone past continuous improvements. Its style is graceful and comfortable. It is China’s unique traditional women’s clothing.


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