Lesson Thirty Eight: Dialogue
I learned how to take the Beijing buses

( Rénměi and Xuéyòu want to go to Wángfǔjǐng with Xiǎofāng and Guóhuā together to go window shopping. After they window shop they will all get together and go to Hépīng gate’s Dékǎoyā store to eat Běijīng Duck.)

Xuéyǒu: Rénměi, yesterday when you called Xiǎofāng, did you ask how to get to Wángfǔjǐng?

Rénměi: I clearly asked her. Xiǎofāng said, “Take the 332 bus to get to the zoo, after take the 103 trolley to Wángfǔjǐng. You can also take a taxi straight there to Dàyuēfù Sānshí, it costs approximately 30 RMB.

Xuéyǒu: Did you say we will take a taxi or a bus?

Rénměi: We shall take the bus. We came to Běijīng to study Chinese, and we should learn the Běijīng buses. Besides, taking the bus although it costs time is cheaper than taking a taxi.

Xuéyǒu: You are right. We should go to the 332 bus stop now.

Rénměi and Xuéyòu quickly arrive at the bus stop.

Xuéyǒu: Rénměi, I saw the 332 bus stop, just across the street.

Rénměi: Exactly, look over there, a 332 bus just left, we still need to wait a few minutes.

Xuéyǒu: Wait a bit; doesn’t this side of the street also have a 332 bus?

Rénměi: That is correct. Yesterday Xiǎofāng was telling me on the phone that, by all means, not to take the wrong path. Definitely need to look clearly at the bus stop signs, need to take the bus that goes to the zoo.

Xuéyǒu: Let me see the sign on this side of the street. Look at this; this is the direction which goes to the zoo.

(The 332 bus came.)

Shòupiàoyuán: The 322 bus, it goes towards the zoo, buy a ticket to get on, show the monthly ticket.

Xuéyǒu: Rénměi, I’ll buy the tickets. Miss, I’d like to buy two tickets to go to the zoo. While I have the chance to ask, we want to go to Wángfǔjǐng, can we switch to the 103 trolley when arriving at the zoo?

Shòupiàoyuán: Of course. This is your ticket and change.

(The 332 bus arrived at the zoo.)

Shòupiàoyuán: We have arrived at the zoo stop, all the passengers who are getting off please prepare all your things.

( Xuéyòu and Xiǎofāng easily found the 103 trolley stop and got on the 103 trolley. The trolley moved very slowly. When they arrived at Wángfǔjǐng it was already past 10. After five minutes at the entrance of the Wángfǔjǐng bookstore, Xiǎofāng and Guóhuā were waiting for Rénměi and Xuéyòu.)

Rénměi: Guóhuā and Xiǎofāng, We’re truly sorry for coming late. Today we learned the Běijīng buses, but did not think that the 103 trolley moved so slowly.

Xiǎofāng: It’s alright. We also just got here not to long ago. Rénměi last week my mom was at Wángfǔjǐng’s big store and found silk material. The quantity was good as the price was not expensive. She said that that type of material is appropriate to make qípāo.

Rénměi: Excellent! Let’s go check it out now.

Guóhuā: I’ll give you two hours. Right now its ten thirty. At eleven thirty we shall meet here. Then we go to the front gate together and take the subway to Hépīng to eat roast duck.

Rénměi and Xiǎofāng: No problem, see you soon!


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