Lesson Thirty Nine: Dialogue
Visiting Teacher Wáng

(Xuéyòu and Rénměi arrive at Teacher Wáng’s house as a guest. Being together with Teacher Wáng’s family makes them feel very close.)

Rénměi: You are definitely Teacher Wáng’s mother, I am called Rénměi, he is called Xuéyòu.

Teacher Wáng’s mother: Come in, welcome. This is my father, this is my mother, and this is my son Kāikāi.

Kāikāi: Hello, Uncle and Aunt.

Xuéyòu: Hello Kāikāi. Have you studied English? Your dad often mentions you to us, therefore, we already know you!

Grandpa Wáng: Please sit down. This is your first time coming to China, moreover coming to a place very distant to America; you must not be accustomed to it, are you not?

Xuéyǒu: It’s okay. When I just got here, I was not used to the diet. But, very quickly we grew fond of Chinese food. Sometimes Rénměi and I saw Chinese restaurants, we wanted to go and try the food.

( Everyone laughed.)

Kāikāi: Uncle and Aunt, today grandma says that she wants to make you many delicious foods. Once you eat it, then you will even more like it here.

Grandma Wáng: Today you especially came to see us, our whole family is very happy. You can sit here to converse, I will go to the kitchen and make food for you.

Rénměi and Xuéyǒu: Thank you Auntie.

Teacher Wáng’s wife: From your Teacher Wáng’s place, we learned about your situation. We know you are very interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture. This time you especially came to China to study, and will definitely will acquire a good deal.

Xuéyǒu: After coming to China, besides going to class we still visit a few of Běijīng’s famous parks such as Temple of Heaven, the North Sea, and the Imperial Palace. We hope to be able to gain more knowledge and to learn more about Chinese culture.

Teacher Wáng’s wife: In Běijīng, there are definitely many places worth visiting, did you go the Summer Palace?

Rénměi: We still have not. We’ve heard that the Summer Palace is incredibly beautiful, having Kunming’s Lakes, Longevity Hills Mountains and a marble boat called Stone Barge (Shífǎng).

Teacher Wáng’s wife: That’s right. There the lakes are bright and the mountains are colorful, it is a beautiful park. It would be better if we go to the Summer Palace next Saturday, how about it?

Rénměi: Excellent! We really want to go too, we can serve as your guide. Awesome!!!

Kāikāi: Uncle and Aunt, come quick to eat, grandma already finished cooking.

Grandpa Wáng: Come, we’ll eat and continue with the conversation. We still need to listen to your introduction of America.


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